A year’s profits guaranteed.
Without the daily stress.

OpenStore enables you to take a break from your Shopify store.

We’ll analyze your Shopify store’s performance, then our experts will run it for you — paying you a guaranteed income every month.


Small management fee

Only pay 10% of projected profits

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Guarantee monthly payments
for a whole year
Give your store
dedicated expertise
Take back all your time while
maintaining ownership

How Drive works

Your time is valuable. Here’s how we’ll make this the easiest year of owning a Shopify store - from contract to close.

Share details about your store in minutes and we’ll analyze last year’s performance to project next year’s income.

Get a customized proposal in 24 hours of your guaranteed monthly payments for the next year.

Lock-in your monthly income and OpenStore’s experts will take over running your store within 30 days.

Receive updates on your store’s performance each quarter and get paid every month.

What you get with Drive

Fast, customized proposals

Online submission

24-hour proposal turnaround

Outlined monthly payments

Fixed management fee

Fully managed operations within 30 days

White glove transition


Customer service


Ongoing communication about your store

24/7 text service

Full insight into business performance

Quarterly check-in calls

Trusted by Shopify entrepreneurs everywhere

The OpenStore team can run this company. I’m getting out of the business. I get to do what I really care about now and try to change the world.

Charlie, Exo Drones

I really value my time and mental space. If my previous business was occupying my brain, I could not start my next project. OpenStore solved that problem.

Max, STEMKids

For the first time since starting Barn Chic, I was able to take a vacation and didn’t turn on my computer once. Thanks to OpenStore, I’ve found a real balance.

Sarah, Barn Chic Boutique


What is in an OpenStore Drive offer?

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