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EXO Drones founder who sold his Shopify store to OpenStore
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Exo Drones sold for


Barn Chic founder who sold her Shopify store to OpenStore
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Barn Chic sold for


Jack Archer founder who sold his Shopify business to OpenStore
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Selling your store shouldnʼt be hard

No hidden fees

The amount you see in an offer is the amount youʼll get.

No fickle buyers

If you meet our qualifications, weʼll extend an offer.

No strings attached

Fully move on to whatʼs next while our in-house team takes over.

Get an offer in 1 day

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If youʼre happy with your cash offer and accept it, we will then move into a 2-week diligence phase where our team confirms your store is acquisition-ready.

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If everything checks out, you will receive 80% of the sale price while beginning the transfer process. Once complete, weʼll immediately send you the remaining 20%.

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Do you qualify for an offer?

If your store meets the following criteria, thereʼs a great chance youʼll get an OpenStore offer.

6+months of operations

$500k+ in net sales to consumer audiences

Majority of customers & sales are in the U.S.

Product category isnʼt restricted on Facebook

Entrepreneurs that have sold to OpenStore

Firas Balaffou, Necklow, profile photo

Firas Balaffou


“This was a dream come true for me. I strived to start and build a brand in America. Today, Iʼm a profitable, exited founder on a mission.”

Sarah McElvain profile photo, Barn Chic Boutique

Sarah McElvain

Barn Chic Boutique

“For the first time since starting Barn Chic, I was able to take a vacation and didnʼt turn on my computer once. Thanks to OpenStore, Iʼve found a real balance.”

Charles Cannon profile photo, EXO Drones

Charles Cannon

Exo Drones

“With OpenStore, I’m done selling my business in two months – a year sooner than I expected. That year of my time is worth millions to me.”

Maile Knight, Necklow, profile photo

Maile Knight


“Working with OpenStore was a great experience! The team was top-notch. The process was super organized and easy. I would highly recommend them if you're thinking of selling your business!”

Questions about selling your store?

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